Monday, March 28, 2011

Alphabet Glue for YOU

It's been ages since I've done a giveaway, but what better way to kick off the week?

The talented Annie at Bird and Little Bird has created a literary magazine of sorts for parents and craft-minded kiddos. It's all digital, so you can print and print to your heart's content. The premiere issue of this quarterly goodness has not only an ample spring booklist, but also the right amount of activity ideas to get your creative juices percolating without making you grab your hair in both fists and wail, "Who does she think I am? Martha Stewart?"

I know at least two persons in this house under the age of twelve who will be ALL OVER these little accordion-style mini books. 

Not to mention these book-bracelets, perfect for recording genius ideas, poetic thoughts, and the pantry staple you just ran out of!

And wait 'til we make like my beloved Miss Rumphius and scatter homemade wildflower seed pods hither and yon! 

Caroline will think she's in hog heaven. 

And so can your kiddos. 

Because Annie is generously giving a FREE digital copy of this quarter's magazine to one of you guys. Hog heaven, coming to an e-mailbox near you. 

To enter, leave a comment telling me this: What is your favorite season? 

I'll start. When living in New England: Spring. When living in Texas: Autumn. (Which starts at the end of October, by the way.) 

Winner will be randomly selected and announced Friday, April 1. No foolin'. 


Bethy Lynne said...

I'm all over this! I most appreciate the FALL season with its crisp golden, orange, yellow and red leaves, the chilly air beckoning cozy sweaters, the need for hot chocolate and staying indoors to bake...all of those factors make up the main reason why I miss the NW so much during the months of October-November here. We get very little fall experience, and it usually comes later in December when the leaves change to a mild different color and fall from the tree into broken brown dead leaves litering the yard, but bringing me much joy because it's my little piece of fall here in the desert. Then we go for a walk in the 90 degree weather to collect said non-colored leaves and go home to drink hot chocolate while sporting a tank joke! Anyway, enter me in your drawing please...that's the seaon I love. Thanks! :)

Vanessa said...

A blog giveaway, yay! I love fall because I am from Texas, which means the heat here is way too long, so fall offers a reprieve from the heat!
Oh yes, and fall means baking pumpkin pie!

jodyblog said...

I love spring, in any state, because everything comes back to life! All the dead, bare, skeleton branches of the trees begin to sprout little green buds, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining again. I know it'll get miserably hot later, but at least for now the mornings and evenings are cool and refreshing!

Laura said...

Spring! Bring on the bluebonnets.

Raji P. said...

My most favorite season in the world is Spring in Winnipeg. The air is cool, crisp, and clean, the sky is an indescribable blue with fluffy white clouds. There's a nip in the air with memories of winter still afloat. The bright sun warms the soul and the remaining snow creating slush mountains. There's no air like Canadian air, and no time to breathe it in like spring.

Which it is not yet there, still snowing!

Maria said...

In GA - Fall - my favorite color being ORANGE! Looks like an awesome magazine!

Has said...

In Australia - Spring! It is beautiful and alive and fresh. Summer is just horribly hot, and Winter is mild but we Aussies are useless at heating our homes. Autumn is just the tail of Summer. I'd love to be in the draw so my three girls can make books to their hearts' content.

Jenny said...

Fall! Growing up in south Florida, I had never seen leaves change color. When I saw the red, orange, and yellow maple leaves during my first autumn in Atlanta, I fell in love.

Hannah said...

Spring is definitely my favorite. The cooler weather, the longer days and the beautiful flowers combine to make my soul happier after winter.

MC said...

In Austin: Spring, when the wildflowers are in bloom. When Seattle: Fall, when the trees turn colors.