Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Videos; Two Winners

Our pal Sam is such a goof. And we all love him for it (especially the kids).
It turns out, goofiness can pay off sometimes -- BigTime.

Look what Sam did to win a trip for two to a deserted island in Fiji!

Ian's review: I would TOTALLY do that.
Eliza's review: But think of all the fingers that have touched that iPad. And you never know where those fingers have been.

And there you have it, folks! The difference between my two older children, in a nutshell.
(By the way, Vanessa isn't quite sure she wants to leave her two little ones for a week and go halfway across the world. Anyone know someone who wants to buy a really cool adventure trip? Or honeymoon?)

Goof Exhibit #2: My brother Peter. (The one who makes me laugh until hot chocolate spews out of my nose.)

Last week was MATCH DAY. The day the fates of the entire universe are decided by some giant computer perched on Mount Olympus. Also known as, the day the fourth year med students all over the USA find out where they will be spending the next four to eight years of their lives, toiling away as white-coated drones for whom a good night's sleep and quality time with the family is but a distant, rosy memory.

Peter was so good as to include all of us in the fellowship by posting, in real time, videos of himself waiting for and then opening The Envelope. (Everyone opens his or her envelope at the same exact moment. It's the secret cause of wind patterns shifting across the globe.)

My extended family, flung across the nation, all hunched around our computers, hitting "refresh" every three seconds until The Video was up. (Isn't that a cool idea? Using to share a moment like that?)

He got his first choice! Mass General Hospital Department of Anesthesiology, it's Katie-bar-the-door. Here comes trouble!


Vanessa said...

I am so glad I married Sam Yu! My life is indeed an adventure. Congrats to Peter!

Julie said...

Wow i cant believe it!!!!!!!! Go Sam and Vanessa!

Samuel said...

Every time someone asks me if I cleaned the screen first, my tongue tingles. The prize is non-transferable, so it looks like we're stuck with a trip to Fiji. Guess there are worse things in life. Also, congrats to Peter on the great news!