Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Links ... and a Quiz!

(No relation to the post. Just Ian and his friend J. proving that boys will be boys.)

Some Links for You-All Everybody:

From I Take Joy: First-Time Obedience, Really? Sally Clarkson describes my true north in parenting. There's no magic formula, people! Note: I love everything I've read from the Clarksons (Educating The WholeHearted ChildHeartfelt DisciplineThe Ministry of Motherhood)  (HT for this link: Holy Experience)

Is your local Borders closing? One of my favorite authors writes about Why Bricks and Mortar Still Matter.

Simple Mom has an assignment for us and it concerns working on our family purpose statement. We actually made some progress this weekend; thanks to Tsh for the kick in the pants.

OK! Now, on to our QUIZ.

I mentioned a few weeks back that my excellent brother Paul and his beautiful wife Betty are expecting their first child. Now it turns out that this baby is of the girl-child persuasion. And when you have four siblings, plus nieces and a nephew, as Paul does, you're going to get some suggestions.

Caroline, age 5, thinks her cousin should definitely, no question about it, be named Ruby.

I chipped in with two suggestions. See if you can guess them!

(Longtime blog readers may have an unfair advantage here. Blood relatives may not play.)

1. Suggestion #1 is the name of the heroine of what I (and Kate DiCamillo!) deem to be the greatest children's novel ever written.

2. Suggestion #2 is the name of an actress who plays leading lady (and fugitive from justice) in what I deem, in my vastly informed judgment, to be the greatest TV show ever written. Baby's parents loved the show too (but that's not why they should use the name).

Think you know the answers? Hazard your guess in the comments!

Oh, and you can kick in your own suggestions as well. Aren't we all a helpful bunch?!


Jenny said...

1. Fern

2. Evangeline

Am I right on either??

Naomi P. said...

Oh WOW!! I didn't know they are expecting!! BIG OL' congrats to Betty (former house-mate!). And while you're at it, can you give her a hug from me the next time you see her? Thanks!!

Hannah said...

Jenny, you're right on one of them!

Naomi, I sure will!

Samuel said...

1. Charlotte!
2. Evangeline!

Tamara said...

Thank you so much for posting the link to the parenting article. I was really helped by it! Especially the reminder that children go through different stages of development and we need to be aware of general abilities at each age (as well as their individual personalities, of course). I sure do love being a mom and being able to love and care for precious vessels!

KTG said...

Since my job involves caring for newborns I feel my finger is on the pulse of current baby name trends! Here goes..
Jack and Sawyer became popular recently. So did Kate and Evangeline (Evie and Ava more so though).I think Evangeline is more unique.
Lily was big a while back. What about Juliette? Along that theme:)
I do love Charlotte the best!

Hannah said...

Sam for the win!

KTG, that's useful perspective. I have been out of newborn world for a while. And yes, I like Juliette/Juliet too!

Shifrah Combiths said...

I thought the second one was going to be Kate. =)

Shifrah Combiths said...

Oh, I see. I did not read carefully enough. =/ I was right about your fave show though!

Anne said...

Ooh..I knew Charlotte, but I didn't read carefully enough, so I was going to say Kate for the second. But then I read back, and of course it's Evangeline (which I love!).

One of the most fun things about having a girl is contemplating names!

Jared said...

I drew a blank on number one, but surprisingly was right about number two, even though I never watched that show. My sister-in-law is named Evangeline - we call her Vangie.