Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Help: Her Version and Mine

Me to the kids: We should pray and think about how we can help with the disaster relief in Japan.

Caroline: I know! You could just have a hundred more babies!

Me: And exactly how would that help?

Caroline: When they're bigger, we can send them over to Japan to replace the people who got killed!


I think somebody needs to stop watching 101 Dalmatians. And that's all I have to say about that.

On a slightly less inventive, less obstetric note, here's another opportunity:  LivingSocial is matching all $5 donations to the American Red Cross, so that your $5 donation magically morphs into $10. Here's the link.

Also. My friend Tsh and her husband Kyle are being called to full-time ministry, working for an organization that provides respite for folks who are serving God in foreign lands. I've never been a long-term missionary, but I can only imagine -- and stories I've heard allude to -- the many ways in which a family serving abroad might be attacked in the areas of health, finances, psychological wellbeing, marriage and family, spiritual supply, etc. The frontline soldiers surely need a robust rear guard. What a great idea to provide "oases" where workers and their families can retreat, regardless of ability to pay, to heal and recharge.

Selfishly, I'm a bit sad because we only recently met in person after she moved to my city, and now God has called them onward and upward again. But that is the life of the altar and the tent. (See: story of Abraham, Book of Genesis.)

You can visit their site to find out more, pray for them, and pray about whether you're led to support them financially.

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Vanessa said...

Hah, that Caroline! I see her logic though. Makes total sense.

What a wonderful thing for your friend Tsh and her husband to do. Ones who serve the Lord with their full-time indeed need a place to rest and recharge.