Thursday, April 17, 2008


I think environmental allergies in Austin are like the Borg in Star Trek.

You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

I dodged the bullet for a few years, but it's official, folks. Vanessa, who knows a thing or two about allergies, has diagnosed me with oak allergy. Which is kind of a problem since our entire back yard is dominated by a monster oak tree. But would explain the sniffly nose, the watery eyes, the daily headache, the constant yawning, despite earlier cup of coffee to address the aforementioned headache (it didn't work).

Argh! And it's such a beautiful day, too! My friend Randolph, who brings his kids to our Spanish class, gave me this highly informative tour of my own garden, highlighting all the weeds I couldn't identify. And I stood out under the oak tree chatting with Vanessa while she pushed Benjamin on our swing. And we went back to Bull Creek this morning to find another letterbox (no, I'm not obsessed with this letterboxing thing, why do you ask?). And it was all so lovely and nature-ific, except that I now feel as energetic as a bowl of cold oatmeal.

Why thank you Jeeves, yes, I would like some cheese with that whine.


Tracee said...

Ha! I just heard the cheese with whine comment the other day for the first time. I'm sorry about your allergies, Tyler and I are battling them also. I need to check out a holistic doctor I've heard about in out town.

Jenny said...

OMGoodness, a Star Trek reference?? I had no idea you were familiar with the Borg. LOL

nicole r said...

well i hope you dont mind -- i found your blog through vanessa's and ive been peeking around some... but if you DO mind you can totally tell me and i will totally stop... that being said, i really really (as opposed to "totally") love reading your stuff! :)

and i sympthatize with the oak allergy -- after all my years living here, my body has at last been conquered by oak and cedar. a sad defeat for the once-immortal me :p