Monday, April 28, 2008

A simple heart

This morning while reading some verses from book of Acts, I was particularly touched with one phrase from 2:46: "with simplicity of heart." I've been sort of chewing on it ever since. It refers to the believers in the very early days of the church, shortly after Christ's resurrection, when they met from house to house and shared "all things in common." I think the reason it's touching me so much is that I've realized how futile it is to try to simplify my life, my outward approach to things, without first having my heart simplified (which to me means, easily contented, seeking only Him and not the scads of other things, material and nonmaterial, that attract my heart). I may have the diamond, but inwardly I'm distracted by rhinestones. This is why I can't hack the whole "voluntary simplicity" (or maybe in this case, "involuntary simplicity," LOL) lifestyle. This touches something much deeper than deciding to compost, or shop at Goodwill, or ride your bike everywhere you go. There's human nature, and American culture, and the heart is just too complicated! So rather than beat myself up about it, I'm just asking for something simple today ... "Lord, simplify my heart."


Tracee said...

Good idea, maybe I'll try that. Sounds similar to the idea of asking for courage instead of always asking for things to be easy.

Jo said...

Amen to that! Lord, simplify our heart!