Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Caroline is giving her stuffed lion a haircut

So a couple days ago I had kicked Ian and Oscar (friend next door) off the computer and they were casting about for something to do under the constraints I'd given them -- i.e. "being outside." I got the kid-of-the-21st-century moan: "But there's nothing to dooooo" that makes me see red. :-) So I handed them the camera and a list of things for them to photograph outdoors (e.g. "something that spins ... something with eight petals ... something yellow ... something with a pattern ... something with wings (not a chicken)). They LOVED it and ended up doing three lists altogether! (And P.S., lest you even be tempted, don't think I'm that creative; I'm just literate! Seriously, I get probably 95% of my ideas of anything I do with my kids from places like Family Fun magazine, or Wondertime.)


Jo said...

I see professional photography in Ian's future!.... along with engineering, history, science,etc. etc. etc.

melissa said...

Excellent idea! I will be implementing this photo idea very soon. It seems only natural that I share my love of picture-taking with my little guy.

melibea said...

hi hannah, this is my first time leaving a comment for you. i have just a great time reading your blog.