Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Adventures

I'm going a bit photo-crazy, as opposed to just blog-crazy, since my sister and BIL let us borrow their camera (ours is broken) while they're in Boston (my turn next weekend!). I'm like an addict getting her fix, I suppose, so thanks, K&A.

Yesterday morning we rode our bikes about 4 miles roundtrip in search of our next letterbox, which was hidden in a lovely cemetery right near the grave of James Michener and his wife Mari (remind me to tell you someday about the time I went to James Michener's house and actually met him!). This may sound weird, but I've always found cemeteries to be so beautiful and tranquil, not to mention so full of mysteries -- I love reading the inscriptions on each headstone and wondering about the people they represent and what their stories are. For instance, right near the Michener plot was a section of the cemetery devoted to babies, who had either died at birth, were stillborn, or died in infancy. Many had little toys decorating them, and it was clear they'd been visited recently, despite being several years old. We wondered aloud about some of them, with moments of feeling deeply moved punctuated by the minor stress of having a toddler wandering among a cemetery plot that almost looked like the toy aisle at Target.

In the afternoon we drove out to Elgin to sort of help out with my in-laws' housewarming party. By "help out" I mean we showed up an hour late and sort of wandered around introducing ourselves to a few people,and then beat a hasty retreat to entertain all the kids (um, unlike my SIL with the sparkling personality, I'm not a great party person, especially in a small country town where everyone seems to have known each other since they were wee tykes. Oh, but at the end we did have a great conversation with someone who reminded Tim and me of Jenny, maybe that's why we liked her so much!). Tim and I took the kids, including our own, down to the pond for some canoeing (everyone else) and photography (me):

Yes, they have a massive dirt pile left over from the construction. The kids will be soooo sad when the pile disappears. Maybe they'll have to start playing on the playscape. ;-)

View of the house. It's really quite a charming little country cottage. ;-)

View of the house from the pond.

Today after our church meeting, Tim needed to study study study, so during Caroline's nap the older two kids and I met some friends downtown at an improv show for kids being put on by a fellow homeschooling mom (who's also a professional clown, actress, etc.) It was absolutely hilarious! If you're in town, you have to go -- it's every Sunday afternoon at 2 PM at The Hideout on South Congress between 6th and 7th -- and IMO, just as much fun for adults as for kids.

Turned out to be a perfect outing for today, where, stop the press, it's actually chilly! And raining! Just when I think I can put away the winter clothes, psyche! Not so fast, Mama!

Oh, and Eliza found a baby bird, which they dubbed Magmar. They made elaborate plans for an indoor resort for the foundling, but finally conceded to letting it go ...

Hope everyone's weekend was lovely too! In fact, to motivate some of you lurkers to leave a comment, write in and tell me one fun thing you did since Friday! :-)


Jenny said...

Dude, that is one BIG house. Holy *beep*. Do I sound like a hillbilly? LOL

No fair finding yourself a Texas version of me unless I get a South Carolina version of you, too. ;)

And one fun thing I did since Friday? Hmmm....we went to one of those go-cart places on the beach, and they had kid-sized ones. Claire was super-careful and very slow (lol) while Henry was a maniac and kept bumping into everything and everyone. Very fitting, I thought.

Vanessa said...

The improv show sounds great! We went to a B-day part near you (NW Park) and met some interesting people. . .one of them knowing Scott Stone! How random is that!

Then we took a gorgeous walk on Lady Bird Lake in the evening. ..beautiful scenery and great weather!

But I am so sleep deprived from B's restless nights.

MoreThanJustaMom said...

That is some house!

I don't know if my weekend event classifies as "fun" - but I was at a Leader Workshop for the SC Leaders. It wasn't exactly a party, but I had a good time, and I do love those ladies!

MoreThanJustaMom said...

I meant to tell you, too, we have read just about every book you have on your books section. We have really similar book lists! It would be fun to compare them somehow...although my record-keeping is a long and complicated result of my OCD tendencies and would be far too difficult to post!:-)

Jo said...

Wow! Gorgeous home! Now, I know where we'll be staying if we ever visit Austin! :)

We're going canoing this summer at Fort Benning. Never done it before. I'm kind of nervous about having my kids on the canoe, but you guys make it look easy.