Friday, July 24, 2009

Ahoy there, mates!

We decided to study celebrate all things ocean this week. It started as an idea in the mind of Mom, thanks in part to our Book of Days, but evolved from a Monday morning brainstorming session at the breakfast table with the whole gang. Snooping around the house to gather some inspiration, I was surprised at how easy it was to find books, videos, and other resources already in our collection.

Ian suggested that we actually GO to the ocean, and you have no idea how much I wanted to grant that request. My magic wand just seemed to be missing in action.

So here's what we did:

Read Turtle in the Sea, Night of the Moonjellies, The Magic Schoolbus on the Ocean Floor, and a few other picture books.

Listened to a Kindermusik CD, "Creatures of the Ocean."

Drew fish and other maritime creatures in crayon on huge pieces of paper, then painted water over and around them with blue tempera paint.

Watched "Magic School Bus Gets Wet" and "The Living Sea."

Played "Ocean Bingo."

Ate goldfish crackers for snack. Intended to do fractions activity. (Does that count, pardon the pun?)

Visited local seafood market to shop for tonight's dinner: steamed mussels, beer-battered fish sticks, basil aioli. At my request, the children were invited behind the counter to watch a man fillet a whole fish, enclosing the head for our soupmaking pleasure.

Planned a family movie night to watch Nim's Island (feedback, anyone?).

It was a fun week, and although we certainly weren't "on theme" for the bulk of any day, and we really only dabbled our toes in the ocean of potential activities, I really enjoyed having some ideas to work with and having the kids quite literally on board.

Makes me nostalgic for the real thing.


Raji P. said...

I am fascinated and in awe of you moms who come up with these themed days. A friend of mine also did that this summer, a host of really creative themes, like get dirty day, stay up late and watch movies week, etc...

What other themes have you done? I want to steal some ideas :)

Naomi said...

Awesome day! Nim's Island was a fun adventure. Tamara didn't like all the iguanas. But as I've been telling everyone lately, I just finished the book and it is AWESOME. A must-read.