Friday, July 17, 2009

Rick, come on over

On my flight up to Boston yesterday, I got to watch some cable TV, which doesn't occur at home.

And what did I watch? TOP CHEF Master's! Words fail me in the attempt to describe watching highly accomplished chefs, including renowned cookbook author, restaurateur, and TV host Rick Bayless, go knife to knife in such challenges as preparing popularly appealing "street food" from offal, cow heart, or tongue, in three hours or less.

Rick was just Mr. Easygoing, Isn't-This-Fun, in contrast to one of his competitors, a Frenchman whose "merde"s kept making it through the censor. Think of all your stereotypes about French chefs, and this guy was it. Hilarious!

They had to please some ultra-tough critics, of course. In addition to thinking and creating on their feet, producing gourmet delights while you or I might have just stood there with our mouths hanging open, gasping, "I'm supposed to do ... WHAT?"

But I have a stiffer challenge to propose to the producers of Top Chef Masters. OK, you've made these guys prepare pig-ear quesadillas, you've had them serve a "LOST Supper" to the producers of you-know-what-favorite-show-of-mine ...
you've commissioned a dinner for Neil Patrick Harris that must showcase elements of mystery and magic.

But these chefs have not yet cleared the ultimate hurdle. Here's what I propose. These masters have one hour to create a dinner for three hungry children. Last-minute trips to the grocery store are out of the question, so they must use whatever is already in the house. The meal must include all five food groups, with bonuses for Omega-3's and extra fiber. It must be served two minutes before low-blood-sugar meltdowns commence from the most sensitive child. And it must be consumed by every child with gusto, regardless of whether dessert is forthcoming.

Gentlechefs, start your blenders.


Stephanie said...

Perfect - I'd love to see it! But can they do it while simultaneously mediating between 2 children who have already commenced melting?

Eclectic Mama said...

Ah, a perfect challenge! I'll add that they have to make the meal without using anything green, make it not look "too weird," and use only a few cooking implements so as to keep clean-up a breeze.

No problem for the pros, right?

Naomi said...

Hahahah! I love it! For real, Hannah! Where are the REAL challenges on those shows??? How about feeding a 15 month old who needs to gain weight, and of course, barely eats protein!!

Vanessa said...

I think they would fail!

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call a challenge!

Margo said...

Haha! Awesome challenge!