Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beef: It's free for dinner


Isn't that the greatest word ever?

It perfectly described our situation the other night. Our dinner plans sorta fell through and I hadn't done enough of the grocery shopping to put together a decent meal (yes, go ahead, nod that head in empathy).

Right near the Costco we patronize, an organic burger joint called Terra Burgers has been in progress for several weeks. On a lark, I called them and sure enough, they were having their "practice run" in anticipation of the folllowing day's grand opening. In a heartbeat, we were there.

I need not tell you that we don't eat out often. Oh, and this time we even had an extra: Ian's friend Christian. Poor hungry child.

So we wait in the long, slow line -- no, wait, I wait in the long, slow line while my husband and children merrily romp on the wooden playscape, scamper through the sprinkler area, and relax under the shade of a huge tree. No doubt the length and speed of the line will improve as Terra gets into their groove.

I order enough organic burgers, organic fries, and fresh lemonade for six people and hold my breath. "Do you accept credit cards?" I ask nervously, seeing no VISA sticker on the window and picturing myself washing greasy hamburger grill pans til the wee hours.

"Oh, we're not charging tonight," the slightly harried college student at the window tells me.

Well, in that case, how about a chocolate milkshake for two longsuffering parents???

Y'all. So delicious. The burgers and lemonade were everything a burger and lemonade should be. We staggered back to the car, surreptitiously slurping our camouflaged parental milkshake (organic and yum-o), loving our divine Provider and our crunchy, oh-so-hip little city.



Eclectic Mama said...

Oh wow! We've been watching that place. So glad to see that it's about to open! Yippee that it's organic AND good!

Naomi said...

1. What a treat that it turned out to be free! I thought you knew that before you went there. (That's my style. Haha!)

2. I'm SO jealous!! When can I drive to Austin to eat at Terraburger? It looks DELISH on the website. And organic?? Awesome!!!

Michelle L said...

Wow -I just ate there today - but it was the one on the drag. Its a little pricey so this was my 1st time to actually go there - I was desperate - but how delicious and definitely worth a splurge! I'm glad y'all got the meal free - what a treat!

Samuel said...

Just got back from Terraburger. Can't believe how packed it was! Guess Austinites are drawn to organic food like moths to the flame. The burger was definitely good, but the organic soda was even better! Plus, the playground was great. That's definitely one way to draw in the parents-with-young-children-demographic.