Monday, July 6, 2009

The much-anticipated boat ride

See Tim waterski.
See Tim waterski in the rain.
See Tim waterski in the [pouring] rain, after he and his wife had dropped oh-so-subtle hints for three years to their relatives that they would really LOVE a ride on their boat, on one of the only mornings that has seen rain in Central Texas for the past few months. Not pictured: wet, shivering passengers, cheering him on.
Such a stud, that Tim. But -- sorry! -- very much taken.


Michelle L said...

Those are such cool pics - the bottom 2 look like they're b&w/grayscale with some special coloring effects on Tim and the boat!

Vanessa said...

What a bummer!!!! Ya'll need to get invited again on a sunny day. Maybe it's time to drop some BIG hints to the SIL :) Maybe something like, "So how about next week--you, us and the boat?"