Sunday, July 26, 2009

Archery Tournament

This is the story.

Cast of Characters:
Expert Archers: Robert (friend), and Jim (friend, responsible for our being there in the first place)

Amateur Archers: Tim, Ian, and Truman

Sweaty Stragglers: Self and daughters

Setting expected by me:
Actual setting:

Footgear worn by Jim:

Footgear worn by my kid:

Footgear worn by me:

Number of pickup trucks present: 46, give or take a couple

Number of minivans present: 1. Yup, ours.

Water bottles and sunscreen brought by me: Zero.

Water bottles and sunscreen rushed to our woodsy location by nearby friend Carol, thanks to mutual friend Camille: 7.

General discomfort experienced by me, who left with three kids after 13 targets: Oh, you know. Bearable. Especially when my youngest whispered in my ear, "I'll NEVER stop loving you."

General delight expressed by my son, who doggedly pressed on for 40 targets: Immeasurable.



Jenny said...

I love how you've told the story with photos and captions. :)

Did I tell you I'm getting certified in archery instruction next month? Is that wild or what??

Tim said...

Was this a classic mar/venus moment or what? I knew pretty well what to expect and thought it was obvious. Perhaps I should have made a comment on the footwear on the way out the door, but that's not usually my role... Hannah gets the plugger award for coming along into the heart of the world of male bonding. There were a few feMALE archers there, but I promise you Hannah's were by far the pretties shoes. We were perhaps the only group with nary a scrap of camouflage apparel. :-O

Eclectic Mama said...

Well, if you're going to buck the trend, do it in style! I bet that cute red outfit was the cheeriest thing on the circuit ... that and your big smile. :)

Donna Baker said...

I've missed reading your blog; you are SO gifted with your writing, sharing your heart as a mom, wife, friend and daughter of the King. What Caroline said to you brought tears to my eyes-it makes me realize God HAS to make me a mom someday--I just can't imagine a life without that!!