Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love letters

Dear Eliza,
I know it was super disappointing not to be old enough (as per the Blazer Tag website) to go on Ian's birthday outing with him and his two best buds. Do you know how blessed you are to have a brother who wanted you to go along? After your giant meltdown in the driveway and your thinking time on your bed (during which I am SURE you considered my wise remarks about things we can and cannot control), thanks for pulling it together for our Girls' Outing. We had fun, didn't we?


Dear Acacia,
Thanks for driving us on the Girls' Outing, and for understanding that I didn't just invite you because our one car was otherwise occupied and we needed transportation. Thanks for being one of my kids' Favorite Adults Ever. (Oh, mine too.) And thanks for sampling cupcakes all around Austin so we would know just where to go. You really know how to take one for the team. Can't believe I didn't get a picture of your lovely face.


Thank you for existing. Thank you for locating yourself in The Domain, right next to a fountain, some rocking chairs, and some statues on which some children can climb. Thank you for cheering up some girls who felt left behind.
And thank you VERY MUCH for having gluten-free carrot cupcakes. I think I love you.

Yours truly,

Dear Domain,
Even though you are full of high-end shops whose wares I cannot afford, you do make for a nice stroll. And I think it's very cool that you offer a little sprinkler park, which always makes my girls happy. And soaking wet.

Warmest regards,


Eclectic Mama said...

Dear Hannah,
Thank you for taking my third along for an eventful outing and introducing him to a hobby that I would have had no idea how to approach.
Thank you for responding to just about every question or request with a warm smile and "That's no problem. I don't mind at all." When I picture you, your smile is the first thing I see.
Thank you for sharing your children with mine and for putting up with my youngest and all his antics, silly jokes, and misguided pranks.
And thank you for letting us get to know your amazing family and be a part of your lives. Our lives are much richer.
Love, Camille

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

Hi Hannah,
I read this post and wished I lived in Austin so my girls could eat cupcakes and run in the sprinklers too. So sweet!
When we're in town we're definitely going there. My cousin lives in Austin and just had her second daughter. Maybe I'll send her a cupcake too.
Blog's looking good too!