Thursday, May 19, 2011

Every Child Needs a ... What?

So, every child in America needs an iPad, eh?

That may or may not be the case, but if every child had an iPad, who would be motivated to make his own out of aluminum foil?

With all the essential apps? (Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, DoodleBuddy ...)

And even the requisite trademarks?

Case closed.

Har, har, har. Sorry 'bout that.


Moxy Jane said...

I love this!! As a mom to children who are, at this very moment, playing Monopoly (after a rousing game of UNO Attack), I do not see the "need" to plug our kids in at such young, tender ages.

Especially since I know first hand how darn addictive this computer thing really is! ;-)

Raji P. said...

Love it! Like Keshav's cardboard and popsicle stick DS - which I shall have to keep forever as a memento.

ps: how does Ian know the apps, to make it so authentic, hmmm?!! :-)

Danica Newton said...

Love it! Reposting on my facebook :)