Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIWW ... and a Giveaway!

Once again I boldly, semi-apologetically, step up to the plate to knock your socks off with my incredibly imaginative, sophisticated, and unerring sense of fashion. After all, when someone tells you she "love love loves" these posts, it's hard to throw in the towel!

{For the rationale behind these posts, and my shopping rules, see the original WIWW post. These posts link up to The Pleated Poppy.}

Notice I'm not showing you what I wore to go camping last weekend. Picture this in your mind's eye: khaki shorts, plain T-shirts/polo shirts, and faded flip-flops. Wow, were those squirrels ever impressed!

By the way, if the photos make you yawn, hang in there, because I have a little jewelry giveaway planned as this post's dessert.

Monday - Strawberry picking
(Was it dumb to wear a white sweater to pick berries? Um, yeah.)
Jeans - Gap
Muddy riding boots - Frye
Blue blouse - Old Navy
Scarf - Old Navy (it was chilly that day)
White cardigan - Gap (given to me by Vanessa when it mysteriously changed size between the store  and her house.)
Leather handbag - Consignment shop. $300 new; I think it cost $65 barely used, although I'm not supposed to know that because it was a gift. ;-)
Hair that looks truly frightening when it rains -- Free! Courtesy of God and the gene pool.

Tuesday - My birthday! I always dress up for my birthday. Just quirky that way. The Professor snapped this one of me on the patio, sparing you more mirror shots. 

Cropped cardigan, black T-shirt, and skirt - Old Navy
Sandals - Clarks
Necklace - World of Good
Bracelet/watch - Birthday gift from the kids. Made by a local crafter. Here it up close: 

Okay, now ... a present for YOU!

Sarah at Upcycled Word makes some seriously cool earrings and other accessories out of ... get this ... discarded library books! Here's what she says: 

"I see MANY damaged books and orphaned pages that don't know where they belong. At the time, I was really into origami and thought the book pages would make nice origami paper. That led to origami jewelry to just plain old paper jewelry. The earrings are kind of an accident. I was trying to make necklaces and bracelets and as I was cutting the circles I began to see more opportunities."

In honor of Mother's Day, Sarah is giving one of my dear readers a pair of earrings of your choice. Or, if you don't wear earrings, she has a few other items  to select from as well. Check them out!

To enter to win, leave a comment here by Friday, 8:00 a.m. Central Time. You can either comment on this post, or answer this question: Where's your favorite place to find clothes? (Me: probably my neighborhood consignment shop!)


Mindy said...

I've been lovin' the WIWWs, too--keep them coming!

I am a recent convert to Wacky Wednesdays at Salvation Army. I'd say 90% of my closet comes from there. The other 10% from the Factory Outlets when I'm armed with coupons.

Those earrings are darling. I hope I win!

Lisa S. said...

I love, love, love these posts too! I've been inspired to make sure Mr. Lisa knows he's still worth the effort as well. I also feel motivated to let my daughter see me showing pride in my appearance. Love the scarf. Wasn't it fun to get away with cooler weather clothes for a day?

Tsh @ Simple Mom said...

I'm thrift store all the way. But the brands I look for most are Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. Fun earrings!

And happy birthday, friend! I had no idea.

JoAnn said...

Hannah, I really liked the look you had on your birthday, really cute, and it was perfect for our outing for lunch.
I like to shop in catalogues, mainly because I don't like to go to the department stores, and I don't really like the current fashions for myself. They look cute on you, though, so keep up the good work!

Eclectic Mama said...

My favorite place to shop would be YOUR CLOSET. Except for the fact, um, that none of your stuff would fit me. Dang.

em said...

Oooo... a giveaway! Fun Fun Fun... it's worth a try!

Ingenious use of discarded books! :)

These posts are great. You look lovely, as usual. :)

Sometimes Goodwill is too expensive, so I definitely love the budget-friendliness of other area thrift stores.

Raji P. said...

I cannot believe you dressed so snazzily for strawberry picking! gee whiz girl, you are putting us all to shame! ::-) :-)

I want to tell my fellow fans of yours that Target has really soft and quite lovely cardigans now. I have never *ever* owned a summer cardigan - until you got me hooked and now I see them everywhere!

Danica Newton said...

My favorite place to shop? Has to be Old Navy. You can't go wrong with the discount rack :)

Julie said...

I love to find clothes at the Goodwill, it's not the racks and racks of searching that I love, but when I find something that is like new and Ann Taylor Loft skirt for summer, almost new looking for 3.99? Love that! Also LOVE the earrings in the picture...Different, quirky, super fun and FABULOUS story behind them!
Happy Belated Birthday!

Naomi P. said...

Lovely outfits you sported this week! Much better than the mirror shots too. ;-) Yes, fave place has to be consignment store. Although, I got the Coldwater Creek groupon the other day. So that'll be my first time to shop there. Haha! :-D I tend to dress like I'm still in college, so maybe I can find some clothes my age there.

Jenny said...

I can't do the giveaway due to jewelry sensitivity (I can only do titanium...something weird I developed in the past couple of years which even required the purchase of a new wedding ring). They are super-cute though!

But I did want to applaud you for continuing to do these posts. I bought some of those Target cardigans after seeing your posts, too! And I bought two skirts from Old Navy on Monday, also inspired by you. :)

Michelle L said...

It's most satisfying if I can make my clothes or refashion them out of clothes I find at thrift stores or in my closets. But realistically there's not a lot of time for that! I also love TJ Maxx for new clothes and shoes!

Michelle L said...

p.s. sorry I forgot to say, you can leave me out of the drawing. I can't wear any earrings that Joseph might grab :) That's a pretty awesome earring idea.

Michelle L said...

But my whole point in commenting was to say I love the outfit blogging and keep it up! Sorry for the multiple posts. That's what I get for trying to multi-task...

Maija said...

Dressing up on your birthday is a great way to make the day extra special :) I should try that next year.

esther said...

You are so brave, Hannah! I would be much too timid (& embarrassed) to post my daily "fashion" picks. You are definitely an inspiration! I will have to post a photo of some earrings I got a while back that are from recycled credit cards (or plastic "what-have-you" cards). i love it when people get creative with things that would otherwise contribute to a landfill...
Another reason, I guess, that I love to shop at the local Goodwill. :) XO

bibliovore said...

for all of you who can't do earrings, there's also brooches and hairclips to choose from too!

and my favorite place to shop is Savers! in my opinion, it's the best thrift store ever, everything's organized by size and color and it's so easy to find cool things!

Kristin said...

Majorly stylin' for strawberry picking. Love the birthday outfit. I have 2 favorite shopping stops. First is the Kids and More consignment shop then Kohl's. Kohl's keeps sending me 30% off coupons which I find very hard to resist.

Galex said...

Gorgeous! It's cool that your daughters can look up to your fashion sense.

Julie said...

P.S I can't believe I MISSED the initial WIWW post!!! I don't know how that happened but thank you for helping! and IT REALLY DID help! I love Tuesdays outfit the best! Thank you for reminding me that it is better to look decent, instead of staying in yoga pants all day ( I can relate to that woman:)) just because I'm at home! AND that you can still be comfy, while looking super cute at the same time:)!

Vanessa said...

Both outfits look great on you! I love the jeans and boot look with your scarf--and your pose is classic!