Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ah, Italy ...

As my two-year-old was protesting her way off to sleep ("Mommy, I want you to BE with me"), I sat nearby and finally, finally, finished The Agony and the Ecstasy, which I posted about a few days ago (haven't figured out how to link to my old posts). It's enough of a masterpiece, in size and in quality, to leave me, as a reader, feeling like I've accomplished something along the lines of the Sistine Chapel! And I am ready to pack my bags and jet off to Italy to check these babies out! I'm dying to see the David, the Sistine Chapel, and all these previously-unappreciated-by-me works of the man who in his 89 years (!) became the world's greatest artist. It almost spooks me to think that the same pieces of marble that utterly consumed his days for years at a time are still there, five hundred years later, for us to drop in and visit. Seriously, if I had enough frequent flier miles I'd hop over the pond tonight, with Irving Stone's bibliography in hand.

But since I don't, I'll go play some "Wise and Otherwise" with my husband, son, and a few friends. And wish for a smattering of Michelangelo's creative genius!

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E & E said...

Hi Hannah,

I so enjoy reading all your sweet family antics. Thank you for all your faithful posting. :)

I couldn't help but want to help, so though I am sure you don't need it this detailed, perhaps someone else reading can also benefit.

Post-Linking 101

For linking to past posts, firstly go to that post specifically, as in click on the title of the post and it will take you to it's own separate post page.

Click on AND highlight all(Apple-A) AND copy(Apple-C) the URL (the web address) from the top of your browser.

Then when you are in your new post type whatever word or words you want to have as your 'link-button'... HIGHLIGHT those words or word and then click on the little button piece of chainlink with the world (it's to the right of the Text&color button). A text box will appear asking you to type the URL, but you can just paste it(Apple-v) from your clipboard. And Wha-lah! You just passed Post-linking 101.

Just continue your post, adding as many links from other specific pages as you like. :)

Hope it was helpful. :)

love, Em