Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taking a deep breath

Okay, feeling better now. Took the magic cocktail of 1)kvetching with my friend Vanessa on the phone about our frazzling mornings and then praying together, 2)walking slowly down the path between my front door and the curb, oohing and ahhing over our garden, which every day is offering up new surprises - a new iris and gerbera daisy today, and the fragrance of freesia throughout (I inherited most of it from the former homeowner; all I do is pull weeds and plant the occasional bulb) and 3) our family friend Acacia (the kids call her "Acacia Bread" ever since they discovered focaccia) arriving to take Ian to taekwondo and bring the girls along so I could clean the house.
And our home meeting is tonight.
All is well again.

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Jenny said...

Now I wish I had inheirited an awesome garden here! What a treat to have wonderful things coming up out of the ground to greet you. :)

Glad you're feeling better!