Thursday, March 20, 2008

Next chapters

The book continues ...

Page 2: "As we read on the last page, cave-men became very intelligent [and] learned to be the very first human beings. but, they continued to learn more and more and more! they began to live on farming instead of hunting, they also learned to make the bow and the arrow, knock nuts down from a tree, make tepees and bone houses covered with animal skins, and make leather boots and coats! sort of like Indians! (pictured below)"

Page 3: "The next people I think we should talk about are the Egyptians. They ruled a strong, good-sized empire, (I am sure you know that their kings were called pharoahs), they were known for their pyramids, mummies, and goods. (I have no clue why but some of [the] girls danced naked!) slaves were forced hour after hour to build pyramids and sphingks. there warriors looked something like is pictured below."

I just get a kick out the fact that this is all HIS project, totally unsupervised or uninspired by me -- my only role is as the occasional spelling consultant. (We did have a little chat and practice session this morning about "their," "there" and "they're.")

Oh, and meanwhile Caroline (28 months today!!) is not to be outdone. She drew an actual sun (full, closed circle with many rays) this morning while I was reading aloud, which kind of shocked me. I know we all think our kids are prodigies, but I was definitely having one of THOSE moments. ;-) Then in the car, she asked me what a sign beside the road said, and when I answered "Only" (As in, left turn only), she reflected for a moment and then corrected me: "It says, 'Watch out for Motorcycles.'"

I think she has a promising future as a backseat driver.


Jenny said...

Wow, awesome story. LOL at Caroline's back seat driving!!

MoreThanJustaMom said...

Love the book! Got a kick out of the backseat driving, too!