Thursday, March 13, 2008

New pants!

OK, this entry won't be very exciting to anyone but me, but I have to record this for posterity. :-) I took the car to get inspected nearby today, and in killing time with the 3 kids, went strolling through a shopping center that is SO close to our house but I almost never explore. Well, don't you know that on a rack outside a consignment shop was a pair of J.Jill corduroy jeans, in my size (or close enough), marked down and down to TWO DOLLARS!?!?! And, I found two other similar pairs, different colors, that were marked at $7, but the shopkeeper sold me for $5 each. So, for $12, three pairs of new-condition pants for which I would have paid over $100 had I bought them all at full price (which is anathema to my nature anyway). Thank you, Lord!

It almost made up for the sight of a bumper sticker at the inspection place: "If you don't love Jesus ... go to hell!" ARGHHHH! That really set me on edge. I just don't like that attitude, feel it is a very inaccurate reflection of the love of Jesus, and find it embarrassing coming from other Christians, if indeed it was another Christian sporting it so proudly on his/her car. I wish I could have changed the sticker to read, "If you don't love Jesus ... He loves you anyway."

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Jenny said...

Yay for new pants! And bargain pants at that. I'll admit I'm a hick and don't recognize that brand, but I assume they must be pricey. LOL