Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Forth!

... To the polls, that is. I used to whine about how we didn't get to vote until everything was lame duck (esp. since I usually vote Republican), but guess what, folks? It's March 4th, and I live in TEXAS, which not only is probably going to be the deciding state in this whole shebang, but also ... has an OPEN PRIMARY! So, even though I was planning to vote for McCain as a mere formality, I can march forth and help break this Obama/Clinton deadlock, if I want to. We're packing up to walk over momentarily and do our civic duty.

My maverick husband is actually planning to vote for Ron Paul. I know, I know, I married him for other reasons. When Ian heard this a few minutes ago, he started squalling, "NO! I don't want to vote for Ron Paul! He caused too much of a hubbub!" (We dragged the kids to a rally on the UT campus several days ago. Not a popular move. Not my idea.) A hubbub? If only he could see how the big boys (and girl) play!

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Tim said...

Get the inside scoop on my visit to the convention at http://chubbygrumgrum.blogspot.com/