Saturday, March 29, 2008

And on that note

Una cosa mas:
Yesterday at Friday Co-op, the scrapbooking class needed some emergency help, so I jumped at the chance. I had also, at the teacher's request, brought some of my albums along to give the kids some new ideas. It was such great fun! So neat to see these 6-11 year olds creating these works of art, all different and unique. And to hear them share their stories with me as I walked around the room looking for specific things to compliment each one on (in fact, that's where I heard about these llama trekking trips in New Mexico that I'm now trying to convince my husband and siblings within driving distance to try). It really made me think more about my kids' request to make their own scrapbooks. Maybe over the summer, I could get a little club going with some other kids who would be willing to come over once a week and create books together in the great air-conditioned indoors. Could be totally hectic, but I'm also thinking it would be more fun with a group. Otherwise I might lug all the supplies out for my own two, and have them running off to make mud pies ten minutes later!

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Jenny said...

Oh, that sounds like fun! Well, the scrapbooking anyway, not so sure about the llamas. ;)

Definitely keep us posted.