Saturday, March 29, 2008

Paper or Digital?

OK, little invisible elves that live in my house just to torture a poor mom who already suspects herself of losing her mind via slow leakage ... this is NOT funny! This is the second time in a week that I cannot find my papercutter, without which scrapbook pages and cards simply cannot happen (I cannot cut a straight line with scissors to save my life). Just like last Saturday, I know my papercutter was sitting right here on my desk, open and ready for business, and then when I go to use it, it's vanished. Vaporized. Not a trace. Last week I ended up having to go to Hobby Lobby, clutching my 40% off coupon, to buy a new one, but this week that's NOT happening. I think my kids are putting it somewhere when they pull up a chair to play Stronghold on my computer, but where? It's not on the floor or shoved to the side -- their trademark moves.
And completely.

It makes me ruminate further on the topic of digital vs. paper scrapbooking. Ever since my friend Jenny turned into a digiscrappin' genius, I've contemplated making the switch -- or at least giving it a try. The reasons are compelling: No grinding to a halt or running to the store when papercutters disappear or adhesives run out. Cheaper embellishments, since you just download them (and this is a serious consideration, since the hobby budget is tight). Less clutter on my workspace. The ability to dazzle you all with my accomplishments (NOT!). BUT ... my main reasons for sticking with paper are, in keeping my personality, less logical and more abstract: I like wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby, salivating over supplies and choosing gorgeous papers, etc. I actually like the feel of creating something with my own two hands. And, even though I get little time to practice my art, when my kids do see me scrapping, I like the fact that they see me creating, with said two hands, and letting them mess around with the paper and punches, rather than gazing at the computer screen and tuning them out. I don't want to cultivate the image of "Mom's 'always' on the computer," -- know what I mean? (I'm by NO means trying to imply that's how it is in the homes of digital scrappers -- for me it's just a personal thing, like my computer and my kids are somewhat at odds -- plus, they get jealous since their computer time is limited by the 30-minute timer on their accounts. ;-))

Well, since I don't have Photoshop Elements yet, it's not an immediate decision, and maybe I don't have to look at it as either/or ... but with limited time, you want to do more than dabble in one or the other, you know?

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Jenny said...

Ah, hybrid scrapping might just be the ticket! You do the "big" stuff on the computer screen (resizing/placing photos, photo effects, layering papers, journaling), where it's faster, etc, but then you print the page and add embellishments and finishing touches with your hands.

Or maybe you'll just want to stick with paper. Just make sure to find a secret hiding spot for your papercutter! ;)