Monday, January 26, 2009

For Pete's Sake!

We played the BEST, FUNNEST family game over the weekend, and I think it deserves some sort of Emmy or Oscar, because every single person in our family played and had a great time. And did I mention it was FREE? Go here to download the super-cute game boards and read the directions. We used gummy bears, and somehow, the whole family shouting "DON'T EAT PETE!" never failed to crack ourselves up (Note: this could be a fun and quick party game for adults as well).

As a result, gummy bears are now referred to in this household as "Petes." As in, "MOM, STOP DRIVING! One of my Petes fell on the floor of the car!!!"

And in keeping with the game theme, part of the date I mentioned in my last post was for Tim and I to play SET while sipping coffee in bed on Saturday morning. I think those particular gears in my brain were a bit rusty, but they got cranking eventually. Isn't that romantic?

It was actually helpful to engage in this sort of merrymaking over the weekend, because it distracted me from gnawing on questions like:
"Where will we be living next year?" [Tim is applying for jobs, although he doesn't graduate until December.]
"Where should we take our celebratory family vacation next December, and how much do we need to save for it?"
"Should I go to Boston for my friend Joe's wedding next month?"
"Should I put my middle child in school?"
"Why do I let my feelings get hurt over things that aren't really supposed to be personal, and why do I mourn for days?"

Hmph. Perhaps it's time for a round of Boggle.


Jenny said...

If you're taking votes, I'm pulling for South Carolina on the "Where will we live" issue... ;)

Jennifer Marchman said...

Sounds fun! Headed to print it out now!

Stephanie said...

I'm not familiar with SET, but I'm always up for trying new games.