Wednesday, January 28, 2009


If you were a decision-making person in the education office of a local theater company of renown, in charge of handing out tuition scholarships, and you were offering an entire semester-long class revolving around the works of Roald Dahl, and you had asked a mother to have her son write his own appeal, would you say "yes" to the following?

Dear Zach Scott,

I really like Roald Dahl books but i'm not completely sure I want to

join the class. But, i'm thinking I might.anyway, enough talk of that. what's your favorite Roahld Dahl book?Mine is: the BFG.My second favorites are:fantastic mr. fox and George's marvelous medicine.please write back saying your favorite Roald Dahl books. sincerely, Ian

p.s. will I get good parts in the play?

Oh, man! When I pasted this in, it lost all the flair. The entire first sentence is typed out with every letter a different color. Every single sentence is done in a different font. This epistle occupied the better part of an hour.

And I love the dismissive "enough talk of that." Reminds me of certain parts of the presidential/VP debates. "Actually, Gwen, I don't really want talk about that; I want to talk about TAXES ..."

I love that my son is so, so honest. He is unsure about the class since it involves being on stage, so he admits it right up front.

I hope they find it as endearing as I do.

But one thing I've learned as a mama is that there are times when other people do not find my children's quirks charms as endearing as I do. Such is the burden and blessing of parenthood.

Speaking of scholarships, Jenny has a doozy posted here. As I always tell my kids, "The reason that I insist you learn good manners is that one day you MIGHT be invited to dine with the President, and I will not have people saying your mama didn't teach you right." Enjoy.
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Jenny said...

I think the letter is super-sweet, but of course I know and love Ian, so I may be a bit biased. :)

Good luck to him on the scholarship!

Vanessa said...

I love the P.S.. .after all, that's what matters anyway. . .getting the best part in the play!!!

Jenny's post was too funny! I can't imagine sitting there watching teenagers blunder like that. . .especially the never dated confession!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yes, it is incredibly endearing. The BFG is a favorite here, too. It's a fun one to listen to on trips, also.