Sunday, January 11, 2009


Are you ready for some news that will rock your world???

Tim and I flew to Boston all by ourselves on a big airplane!

For the first time in nearly nine years, I read a book, uninterrupted, on the flight. I actually read one book all the way through and started two more!

Thanks to the home team (his parents; my sister & her husband; our friends the Meades), we are here lending a hand for almost three days. Tim is getting a crash course in nursing school. :-) Yesterday we were snowed in for most of the day, which meant that instead of attending their church meeting with my parents, we stayed in the kitchen for hours, eating, chatting, working on a puzzle, listening to some spiritual enlightenment from here, hearing via phone and email about what a good time our children are having. (Actual words from our three year old as we pulled up to the curb at the Austin airport: "Daddy! Get out of the car!" We decided that she was concerned about our making our flight on time.)

In the late afternoon, Tim and I went down to the inimitable Harvard Square to meet my youngest sister for a hot drink. And to tease her, of course, because that's our job (and because she's so delightful, not to mention a world champion blusher). One must always, always do one's family duty.

Today's plans include figuring out a way to keep our toes warm while wearing leather boots through the snow/slush, and visiting the John F. Kennedy Library/Museum.


Jenny said...

You read a book on an airplane?? It's been forever since I've done that. LOL Hope you guys have a good trip, and say hi to your family for me. :)

Jenni said...

You need to give credit to your nieces (Ashley and Amber) for helping with Ian and Eliza. :) The four of them have had a blast over at Nonnie and Opa's. We're a little bummed that the cousins won't be out here tomorrow since Tuesdays are when I have class and the girls go to the grandparents after school for a few hours of fun. Mom picked the girls up from school today and the four grandkids spent the afternoon and evening together. When I picked my two up after dinner, Eliza was very quiet and (as Amber put it), she had wet eyes when they left. :(

Yours came over on Saturday afternoon (after mine spent the night and most of the day with them at the "big house") and stayed the evening with us so Mom and Dad could go to the mini-conference. MacKenzie was a good cousin that night and stayed with your two after they went to bed at Mom and Dad's so no one would have to be carted home from our house sleepy at 10:30.

It's been a great couple of days with them in Elgin and we have thoroughly enjoyed having them out here!!!

We miss you, though. :)

Louisa said...

such a good big sister you are.

Stephanie said...

Good for you! I hope you have a restful time. I enjoyed taking care of your son with the 3rd & 4th grade boys this past weekend, and was very pleased to have lured your sister into service with me - in that small room clearly not designed for 12 rambunctious young lads!