Friday, January 30, 2009


Two Terrific Uses for Bubble Wrap:

1. Spread it with paint and make prints with it. Overlap colors and make yourself a riotously blooming flower garden!

2. Spread it out in the driveway and ride your bike/trike over it repeatedly. The neighbors will think guerilla warfare has come among them. (Note: this is especially satisfying if you wear only your paint shirt and underwear from #1. Even better, if your underwear is on backwards, giving you the three-year-old-wearing-a-thong look, because you recently took it off to pee in the yard.)

Trust us!


Jenny said...

Oh, never thought of riding a bike over bubble wrap...I bet that does sound cool!

Tracee said...

that's awesome!

Naomi said...

Oh, it is SO too bad that the camera isn't working!! This is definitely a photo-worthy blog post!! Haha.

Tim said...

DH chiming in here. This morning, I sent off the camera for repair. They're estimating 2-3 weeks to turn it around. It should be warranty repair. In the mean time, I think we have a spare, and I promise you all that I will try to find it so that posts like this don't continue to go unaccompanied by photos.