Friday, January 9, 2009

The Week

We had a science-y day yesterday, a day of wonder, discovery and excitement.

Whoa, Nellie. Let's not get carried away.

The straight story is that we wandered our back yard scattering sunflower seeds in hopes of attracting blue jays, hoping they'd accept our offering roasted and salted.

We wondered aloud, after reading a chapter of Children of Summer: Henri Fabre's Insects together, under what circumstances we would actually consent to eating roasted cossus grubs.

We spent two hours exploring the exhibits and digging in the Dino Pit at one of our favorite local hangouts, the Austin Nature and Science Center (need I tell you that the older two kids did not wish to go? Need I go further to say I insisted, brought our friend Jessica along, and then triumphed in their desire to stay til sunset?).

We read a wonderful book called Snowflake Bentley (Caldecott Medal Book), a true and lovely story of the man who dedicated his entire life to studying and photographing snowflakes, proving that there can be a niche for everyone in this world. Oh, and incidentally, he was homeschooled. (So was the 2007-Heisman-winning quarterback for Florida State in last night's Fiesta Bowl. Fun fact for ya.)

Speaking of wonderful books, if you're at all partial to the family bed, even for fifteen minutes in the morning, you simply must check this one out: Snuggle Mountain. It's perfect, except that there's only one child joining that happy tangle, and in our home there are three warm and wriggling bodies who join us for cuddling and a certain level of rambunctiousness when breaks the dawn. Sometimes they whisper to us of their abiding love for us. Sometimes they audibly conspire to stick their icy toes on our warm bellies. Note to self: train them to operate the coffeemaker independently.

And finally on the book subject, Ian is reading several right now, of which some are required but still mostly enjoyable (see widget). Lately, he's preferring to do most of his reading by himself, rather than snuggle up for a read-aloud, which makes me rather melancholy. But for pure pleasure, he recommends anything by Edward Eager, starting with Knight's Castle and moving on to Half Magic and beyond. Perfect for the eight-and-up-year-old possessed of a lively imagination. (Full disclosure: he also recommends Bionicle books. Lest I become proud.)

I'm off to pack my woolens -- Boston here we come!


emily f. said...

Please greet my dear in-laws and darling nephews in Boston if you should happen to get to see them... I'm missing all the munchkins (theirs and yours)!

Julie said...

I love all your book recommendations!:)