Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goals for the New Year

Oof. After passing a few days (weeks?) in a general glow, tonight I am slammed with fatigue and a bit of blues. And after I just crowed about how my One Thousand Gifts project is better than Zoloft.

Oh well. There are days. And there are days. And today was probably a great example of why I shouldn't fit in so many things without scheduling in downtime.

So guess what I'm going to do? I'm going to share my list of goals for 2011! Isn't that a perfectly logical thing to do when you're feeling a bit piqued?

Here are ten I came up with, in no particular order:

1. Finish a half marathon.
2. Finish the Life-Study of Matthew. And Life-Study of Mark.
3. Start a book club.
4. Master three good company dishes, so I don't make up excuses for not inviting folks over to dinner.
5. Start a family travel blog.
6. Write a family mission statement (we've done the brainstorming, but not the crafting.)
7. Learn to make a great salad (sounds lame, but I have salad-phobia. I make the world's most boring salads, and therefore I hate making them. It's a sickness. Please send help.)
8. Take a family vacation that is relaxing, memorable, mind-expanding and fun.
9. Take a class. Any class.
10. Do something regular with my partner-in-crime to care for the younger moms in our church community.

Oh, and here's one more that's embarrassing: Overcome phone phobia. I have a chronic reluctance to make phone calls, for reasons that are both logical and crazy. Also, I'm not great at checking voicemail. Hence, I exceed my text message limit. There. Now you know. And let's not even get into my other bad habits such as walking through the yard in sock feet, etc.

This post on SimpleMom today reminded me that to achieve goals, we just have to take that next baby step. The enemy of the big goal is the small procrastination, the elusive "tomorrow." What one small thing can you do today that will add up to a 2011 to remember?


Raji P. said...

Right with you on the boring salad front. I hear Casa de Luz has a fabulous salad recipe book with lovely dressings. I go there twice a day yet have neither bought it nor even flipped through it.

I can either get the book for you - or me - or better yet, sit on my lazy derriere and wait for you to become a Salad Queen (which you undoubtedly will) and start a Salad Blog which will have witty and interesting nuggets about, what else, salads, and I can then peacefully copy you and your ideas, as I always do anyway.

I am a member of 3 Book Clubs. Makes me feel really great to think myself so very literate. Except that I have not been able to make it to even one event! So your Goal #3 may need to be more specific :-)

Samuel said...

My goal for the year: make sure to read A Quiet Spot on a regular basis. ;)

Telephonophobia Guy said...

It's funny, as I surf the net I have come across many Goals people are setting for them self this year and strangely phone phobia cure keeps coming up.

I wish you the best for the high standard you set for your self this year.

Vanessa said...

Why do we use periods to make a statement?

KTG said...

Oh the challenge of cooking for crowds and phone challenges.I agree.

I discovered banana peppers recently they are hit with company for salads. Also dried cranberries,tomatoes (from my garden I wish) and fresh herbs.
Hope today is better for you!

Stephanie said...

I like the list. It's ambitious, but not unachievable.

JoAnn said...

I have a bunch of Southern Living magazines that are full of great recipes. You are welcome to have them. I have enough cookbooks and magazines that I can afford to share. Good Housekeeping also has kitchen tested recipes that are very good.
I just discovered an author that I want to read more of. Her name, ironically is Kristin Hannah, ;-) and the book I'm reading is Winter Garden. It tugs at the heart strings, but since I checked out the last chapter and found out that it all ends very happily (a cheat that is sometimes necessary), now I can read through it without crying. I'll trade you when you give back my Nicholas Sparks.

Anne said...

I have phone phobia, too!

You have a great list. One step at a time!

by r. said...

Great goals Hannah! I would love to run a half marathon.