Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

"We will all have trials. The question is not when the pressure will come, but where the pressure will lie. Will it come between us and the Lord? Or will it press us ever closer to His breast?" 

- Hudson Taylor

(Image courtesy of wrestlingentropy)

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Samuel said...

Great, great quote. What's the deal with this 1000 Gifts book? Apparently, it's blowing up all over the Christian-lady blogosphere? Worth a read, for the non-ladies?

Stephanie said...

Okay, maybe I am lazy, but if I have to wash and chop green onions and then fry, fill, and roll tortillas, that recipe no longer gets filed under "super easy". Or maybe I'm treating "easy" and "fast" as synonyms. They look yummy, though.

Julie said...