Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life 2011: Who's With Me?

I know at least of couple of my friendly blog-reading peeps have taken the plunge with Project Life this year. Stand and be counted!

Don't roll your eyes, ye non-scrappers. This is totally the project for anyone who: 1)loves to scrapbook but simply doesn't have the time to stay "caught up," or 2)doesn't scrapbook, but feels sorta guilty about the pile of miscellaneous photos hibernating in a box or computer file somewhere.

I've done the project for two years now -- roughly one photo a day, with a couple sentences of journaling -- and it's been so worth it to have a finished album that preserves all the moments, a few extraordinary (vacations, milestones) but mostly ordinary.

Indeed, some of the photos can't get more mundane. What we ate for dinner. Our shopping cart at Costco. Kids playing with the hose in the yard. But these are the plain little pearls that string together our magnificent lives. Pick a random memory from your childhood. Is it that big trip to Disneyworld or, perhaps, the way you'd run out on the first day that felt like spring and pump on the swing as high as you could? I submit that both deserve commemorating.

Jessica at The Mom Creative has a Tuesday linkup where folks post the POTD's (Pictures of the Day) for the week. I thought I'd participate this week.

Oh, and this year I'm attempting a digital version for the first time.

Oh, and Amazon just got in a new shipment of Project Life - Amber Edition and Project Life - Turquoise Edition. No, it's not too late to start! (Or don't even start with January 1. Do your baby's first year, or your first year of marriage, or a few years with monthly highlights, or whatever works for you.)

Here we go.

Jan. 19: Building a crate for Pongo, our much-anticipated puppy. 

Jan. 20: Lunch with Nonnie (my MIL) at Panda Express. We do this mid-school-day every few weeks whenever the spirit moves her. It's fun. 

Jan. 21: Introducing our brand new puppy to our back yard. By the way, Pongo is a mix of chow, golden retriever, collie (we think), and we're-not-sure what else. He's a rescue from Austin Pets Alive. 

Jan. 21 (#2): Friday afternoon at our house with the whole neighborhood gaggle ... minutes before a hot chocolate party. 

Jan. 22: Visiting our neighbors' brand new (sixth!) baby, Margaret Sophia. Holding her is another neighbor, who was clearly pleased as punch to have a real, live baby in her arms. 

Jan. 23: My kids are weird. Need I say more?

Jan. 24: I posted this yesterday, but this is the POTD. Eliza has taken to the puppy like a little momma. Nurturing comes naturally to this one. 

Yes, friends, we are living in a puppy world. With difficulty, I resist becoming a blogger who simply blathers about her pet(s). Help me stay strong. Over and out. 


Raji P. said...

You rock. Totally. I shall embark on Project Life 2011 wholeheartedly. Through you. May the Enthusiasm be with you. :)

JoAnn said...

the thing is.... you have to know how to do all that stuff. I can't even figure out how to use FaceBook.

BTW, that wasn't my best side you photographed ;-(

Molly said...

there's nothing quite like newborns and puppies :)

by r. said...

ahhh i know, its so hard to not make every post about my puppy....i commend you. now let's see more puppy! :)

Julie said...

I love all your pictures, that last what is just win-a-contest-adorable!!!

Vanessa said...

sheesh, i am so behind on your blog posts. I just read like 5 or 6 of them right now. I am with you on Project Life. Pongo already made it in mine!

Bethy Lynne said...

I want to do this, but I always have trouble what photo best represents the day. How do you keep it simple and catalogue everything? Tips appreciated! :)