Saturday, May 24, 2008

Broken Toe; Mended Friendship

NOTE: I was intending to post this yesterday during the day, but events conspired to change my day and make that impossible. In short, I broke my toe by accidentally kicking the stroller while walking around it, had to go to the ER, spent a few hours there during which the following sequence of events happened, in between lots of waiting time and time with witty nurse: 1- doctor comes in, asks what happened, I show him my jutting-away-from-foot toe, he immediately tries to yank on it to set it WITHOUT PAINKILLERS, I scream, he stops and suggests they try it again with painkillers. Ya think? 2- I get the painkillers, finally, and while waiting for the doctor, start suffering my trademark horrible, cold-sweat, I-think-I'm-gonna-die stomach cramps, possibly as a result of the combination of the meds plus little food and drink in stomach. I ring my nurse bell like crazy, until they shoot me up with phenergan. 3- My toe is set, wrapped in buddy tape, put in a beautiful splint, dh and kids come to get me and take me home, and I go to bed, all of the above occurring while I'm completely unconscious. Wow, am I ever caught up on sleep! I'm eager to hear, when everyone else wakes up, what all went on yesterday, since the last thing I remember is the welome prick of the phenergan needle. Hey, I'm all for doing these naturally, but there is a point at which one resigns oneself to "Better Living Through Chemistry." :-)


It's funny, this growing up thing. Until a couple days ago, Ian was pretty convinced that Lilith was his enemy, simply by virtue of having that second X chromosome (they were in Monday Co-op together). I could tell all along that SHE felt differently, but was savvy enough to be subtle about it.

Then there was Tuesday, the pillow fight, etc. etc. at our house while I instructed her mom, Carla, in how to handle the co-op finances.

Then there was yesterday, when we actually went to the bank with our five kids, put her name on the account, and attended a free concert of Latin American folk music downtown. Ian and Lilith are pretty much BFF now, having discovered an instant common ground in MAKING UP PRANKS. (That's how Ian usually finds his buddies: either they have a toy-collection interest in common (Bionicles, dinosaurs, Legos, whatever), or they bond by walking hand-in-hand on the dark side (maybe this is why Eliza doesn't make new friends as easily as Ian -- as sweet and loyal a friend as she is, she's not into toy collections OR tricks). All through the concert, they scribbled Top Secret Notes and Hideous Plans to each other. As soon as Ian got home, he immediately typed one up (soon to be emailed to Lilith). It's a note for Daddy's pillow and it reads: "TIIIIIIIIIMMMMM, TIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM, DO NOT DRINK COFFEE FOR THE NEXT TEN BILLION YEARS OR A DEADLEY [sic] DOOM WILL BEFALL YOU!!!!!"

It's an interesting twist on his memory verse for this week -- Romans 12:18. "As far as it depends on you, live in peace with all men." I now have hope that in Ian's case, "all men" may one day include "all women" as well ...

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