Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grief and Joy

My heart is breaking for the family of Christian singer and brother in the Lord Steven Curtis Chapman, who lost their youngest daughter in a tragic accident yesterday. What the website doesn't say is that his teenage son accidentally backed over the little girl in the driveway. To deal with losing a daughter so suddenly, but also helping a teenager work through unimaginable feelings of guilt, is just beyond comprehension. I am praying for them, and I know many others must be too.

Here's a video of one of his songs, inspired by his daughters. The second half of the video is him talking about how he wrote it -- one of those parenting moments I think we can ALL relate to, of feeling impatient and frustrated with our kids when they're not on our page, and then sort of getting a smack upside the head about what REALLY matters.

On a more selfish note, my heart is very, very cherished by some older friends, like almost my parents' age, who recently moved here from New Zealand and are visiting our home meeting. They arrived early and are right now outside whipping the front of our house, including the cluttered carport, into shape, doing DRASTIC things to reduce our redneck curb appeal. ;-) And I know from last week's experience that after dinner, they'll be totally invigorating our singing time, taking us to a new level of the heavens. The fact that they can do both those things with such a happy heart completely exudes Jesus to me.


melissa said...

When did you post this? I was there during this time, but I don't remember seeing you at the computer. Hah, you are the ultimate multi-tasker!

Oh, and the driveway looks awesome. As Liz and I were pushing the stroller back into the driveway with the girls, we saw the brothers shoveling rocks! Completely covered in sweat and still seemingly enjoying themselves!

Julie said...

There is just no words...May the Lord be with them and heal them from this tragedy, I cannot even comprehend..I've heard of many parents accidently backing over there children in the driveway...and there this screen you can buy for your car and install it so you can see what's behind you that I think was evented soley for that reason..we bought it..but haven't installed...we will be very quickly now!! The song he sang brought tears to my eyes it was so sweet and so will be like the blink of an eye before they're all grown up:(

MoreThanJustaMom said...

I heard this on Thursday and was really overwhelmed thinking of the magnitude of their sorrow. To grieve over a child's horrible death on the one hand, and on the other, to navigate another child through the unimaginable waters of sorrow and guilt over having accidently caused the death (I can only think that he plays the incident over and over again, wishing he could have done ANYTHING differently!) - what an unbelievable burden. May God hold them through their grief, and later bring healing.