Friday, May 16, 2008

So Ian says at dinner ...

Okay, imagine this all being spoken with great intensity, words dripping with delight in their delicious deviousness.

"Oscar and I are going to wake up really early, and no matter how early it is, we're going to go to the other boy's house. And my preparations include: two Asterixes, one sleeping bag, one Z-Bar, a pair of underpants* and a pair of pajamas, my spear, my giant axe,** my cape, my sweatshirt, and other various objects.

And we can make up plans and ideas. And talk about SECRET STUFF. And then when everyone else gets up and comes out, we'll just be sitting there very casually."

*So glad my ceaseless reminders are finally bearing some fruit!

** Think PVC piping and duct tape, people.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

ROFL! Apparently the idea that secret activities shouldn't be announced ahead of time to parents hasn't occurred to him yet. Thank goodness. ;)