Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Slideshow

Tracee SO hit the nail on the head here.

BUT, to his credit, I have to say my dh pulled it together in the nick of time and had the kids cranking out cards this morning, using the Cuttlebug machine that my very nice in-laws gave me for my recent birthday. So, no handprints or sappy poems, but cards nonetheless-- and of course, a drawing of monks and knights. Because my son is who he is. :-) And, you know, those monks and knights had to have mothers, even if they're not actually pictured.

We, meaning the immediate and extended family (parents-in-law, SIL and husband, two nieces), celebrated in our traditional fashion with a schmancy buffet lunch at the University of Texas Club. There is just something about a buffet like that that makes me feel morally obligated to leave no dish untried (well, almost). Like it would be this sinful WASTE to not stuff my face and waddle out of there. Like I have to eat for the next three meals or something. Especially since no one's come up with a way to sanitarily ship all that untouched food to the starving children in Africa. Gluttony, folks. It comes but once a year, so let's eat three kinds of dessert, shall we?

Here are some photos. Notice that Ian's just not so keen on mugging for the camera. As I said, he is who he is. Eliza's got it down pat. Caroline is, well, enthusiastic. As you can see from a couple of the photos, she gets that she's supposed to do something special with her face.


Tracee said...

those are awesome pictures Hannah! I do believe scrapping of some sort, or framing them, is in order. I choose the pic of your immediate family and the one of you and Caroline, where her back is to the camera. So sweet!

Julie said...

I can empathize with the brunch...we went to a shmanzy brunch too.. and I felt it absolutely against the law not to try less then 4 deserts! It's an obligation really to not "waste" the money/opportunity to eat all that food without having to cook or clean up any of it! I did work out the next day...but really probably only worked off...mabye 6 bites of going-straight-to-my-thighs desserts..but I NEVER allow myself to feel guilty until the next day:)