Monday, May 19, 2008

Eliza's Ballet Recital

How mega-cute is this?
Before the camera zooms in, she's the tall one with a big pink hairbow (and not a ponytail).

She seeemed to know what she was doing more than most of them, but for her, the best part was getting to wear sparkly blue eyeshadow. Of course.


e & e said...

totally mega-double-decka cute! :D

You must let me know when about this ahead of time next time.


Vanessa said...

Love it! This is so cute. I use to do this stuff too when I was her age. Please invite me of the next recital of total cuteness.

melissa said...

hah, Lizey had to tell tall-ponytail-girl when to fly-out of there. Looks like she had that routine nailed down!