Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Milestone for Calama-line

Caroline turned two and a half today -- wow! She's just a couple weeks shy of being the age Eliza was when we moved here, and a couple weeks older than E. was when C. was born! Here's how she celebrated her newfound maturity:
(Scenery for all Acts: Mother temporarily absent, engaged in some industrious activity, unless you count "jabbering with friend in other room.")

Act I: Caroline smears half a tube of Organic Grooming Aftershave all over her face, hair, and body.

I stick her the shower for a few minutes, but at the end of the day, her hair's still matted down and she smells, um, kinda sexy. Like maybe she's been working out and has a Special Lady Friend. :-)

Act II: Caroline gets caught in the crossfire of a rambunctious pillow fight among Ian, his friend Lilith, and Eliza. Result: Cut all the way through chin, much blood. Child cries for five minutes, possibly a record for her. We ice it, and my friend Carla validates my instinct to take her to the doctor because it is ... deep. Makes me queasy, although it doesn't take much. (Good thing Carla was there, because as the child of a pediatrician, I grew up having my dad woken up at all hours of the night with "urgent" calls from parents whose children just sneezed TWICE, and I now live in fear of being That Mom. Especially since she literally sang songs about her doll's shirt and pants all the way over to the doctor's office.) Result #2: Doctor, after waffling on the bandage vs. stitches issue, thinks a steri-strip will hold it together (quote: "Caroline is probably my only patient this age who I think could handle this"), but if not, we have to get in with a plastic surgeon tomorrow morning for stitches. So far, so good, the bandage is holding. Darn. I was hoping for a sort of family deal with the plastic surgeon ("so, while I'm in here holding my daughter, what do you think you could do about ...")

Act III: Caroline dumps half a bottle of garlic salt onto a stick of butter, thus combining two of her favorite guilty pleasures. (Sorry, no picture.)

I'd better go tuck her in. It's definitely time to draw the curtain on this Day of Drama.


Tracee said...

Poor Mama and girl! I'm pretty glad she didn't need stitches. Hope the steristrip holds and does the trick. Tyler had to have staples in his head at that age. Glad the drama is over, hopefully the sexy smell with be overwith soon also. Did the doctor mention that? "What are you bathing this child in Hannah?" ROFL!

e & e said...

Awh,...just all-in-a-2.5yr-old's-days "work", huh? *grin*

She's the cutest 2.5yr old I know.

MoreThanJustaMom said...

Oh, my, what a day! It made me cringe to think of the deep cut - I get a little weak in the knees at that kind of thing, too - but I'm glad she avoided stitches!